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Speaker at Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

In September I spoke at the 20th Annual Regional Conference on "Dyslexia: Definition, Intervention, and Self-Worth." I was honored to be part of an inspiring weekend of speakers for parents and educators alike, with keynote addresses by Dr. Temple Grandin and Sarah Ward, MS, CCC-SLP.

My talk was a birds-eye view of the many angles from which dyslexia much be approached. Beginning with the most basic - what dyslexia is and is not - I moved on to cover appropriate diagnosis and treatment protocols and then touched on current and pending AZ legislation regarding dyslexia screening and accommodations.

What I consider to be of paramount importance when helping children with dyslexia is research-based intervention and the science of reading. We must actively train teachers in the how-to of learning to read and this must be accomplished through the use of modern research into the science of reading.

With proper teacher training in the science of reading, we can give every child the tools for reading success, and that in turn will lead to happy, self-confident learners.

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