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Recent Speaking Engagements

Reading Comprehension: Effective Strategies to Improve Reading Comprehension in Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder 


The 22nd Annual Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Global Autism Conference

September 16-18, 2021 (virtual)

This talk discussed the effects of reading comprehension strategies in students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Decades of research offer important understandings about the nature of comprehension and its development. Drawing on both classic and contemporary research, this talk identified some key insights into reading comprehension processes and evaluated the effectiveness of explicit instruction for teaching reading comprehension to students with ASD. 


Kathy Denious Dyslexia Tutor Phoenix AZ

With Cynthia Macluskie,

Vice President of Autism Society of Greater Phoenix

The Science of Learning: Connecting Science to Education 


The 21st Annual Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Global Autism Conference

September 11-12, 2020 (virtual)


This talk explored the evidence that underpins cognitive science and how it connects with education, leading to a discussion of two common themes: (1) that our intuitions about what makes effective learning are often not supported by evidence; (2) that misconceptions about how we learn – learning styles, left/right brain – can be dispelled through the effective communication of research results. The talk also explored six learning strategies that have been found by cognitive science to be effective strategies for learning: spaced practice, interleaving, elaboration, concrete examples, dual coding, and retrieval practice. Participants discovered what constitutes good evidence for effective learning and teaching strategies, how to make evidence-based judgments instead of relying on intuition, and how to apply findings from cognitive psychology directly to instructional activities.


Dyslexia - Definition, Intervention, and Self-Worth 


The 20th Annual Autism Society of Greater Phoenix Regional Autism Conference

"Support Across All Ages and Stages"

September 2019


20th Annual Regional Autism Conference

20th Annual Regional Autism Conference

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Understanding Dyslexia in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: Diagnosis, Effective Intervention, and Self-Worth

North Valley Support Group 

September 2019

Executive Functioning Skills in Children with Learning Disabilities

North Valley Support Group 

October 2018

East Valley Autism Network

September 2017


I am available to speak to interested groups in the Phoenix area.

Please contact me for more information.

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