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The Fun at Mind Lab 21

"How does one keep children engaged? To think of themselves as problems solvers and protagonists of their own learning?"

- The National Inventors Hall of Fame

"Students with special needs and neurological differences can benefit from the hands-on process, experimental nature, and visible results of maker education."

Edutopia, on Makerspaces


Mind Lab 21 is a space where kids with common interests can meet, socialize, and collaborate.

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We might make music.

We might contribute to National Geographic as citizen scientists.

nat geo cit sci

We might decide it's time to tackle that pesky Rubik's cube once and for all.

rubiks cube

We can take virtual field trips. 

Pyramids of Egypt? Smithsonian Museum of Natural History?

Zoos, natural wonders, landmarks. From Mt. Everest to the Marianas Trench and everywhere in between.

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Toys and screens engage children in a unique way - and offer unique learning opportunities.

Kids can learn while having fun - and might even learn more.

first lego league

We're innovating, inventing, and building.


The child forges a path of their own making through any number of disciplines:


Chemistry. Zoology. Botany.


Physics. Engineering. Acoustics.


Computer hardware. Coding. Electronics.

Learning by doing.

Setting goals. 

Sometimes missing them.

Trying again.

Getting dirty. 

Getting wet.

Getting answers that lead to more questions.

makey makey
robot frog
science world

The Fun We've Had at Mind Lab 21

With a Smart Cube, kids can learn to solve a Rubik's Cube in an entertaining and methodical way. A Smart Cube tracks your moves in real time and provides appropriate step-by-step instructions.

Technology keeps the child engaged plus they gain self-confidence when they complete such a seemingly insurmountable task.

rubiks cube 2
rubiks cube 1

Constructing and testing a catapult offers the opportunity to tackle not only physics and engineering but also history.

cropped catapult

Our solar-powered car immersed us in green technology as well as thermodynamics, electrical engineering, and environmental science.

cropped solar car
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