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Smart Cubes are Fun Cubes

We all know what a Rubik's Cube is, but how many of us have ever actually solved one? At best, you may have had a booklet that tried to walk you through the solution with words and grainy drawings.

Or maybe you've watched someone on YouTube solve one at the record-setting pace of 3.47 seconds. Tough to glean any actual learning from something that fast.

End result in both instances? Frustration + a perpetually unsolved cube.

Enter the Smart Cube.

By using 21st century technology, the Smart Cube can track every one of your cube moves, in real time. It can walk you through the solution, step-by-step, knowing exactly where you are in the process. You can even watch a rendering of your own cube on screen!

For kids who struggle with the many elements of (successful) reading, this is a genius application of modern technology. They can learn the steps without the frustration. They can experience the rush of success and the resulting burst of self-confidence.

These are the kinds of wins our kids need.

Watch the video snippet below. It's grainy, to be sure, but you can still feel this child's glee when he reaches the finish line.

This is what Mind Lab 21 is all about - harnessing a modern and hands-on approach to learning to build skills and confidence in our differently-abled kids.

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