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The Science of Reading

Learning with Kathy Denious

As a parent, you are desperate for answers. Why isn't my child reading? Will she ever read? Can anyone help him? How?

Rest assured, your child can almost certainly can learn to read - if the proper teaching techniques are employed. As a parent, do you need to understand the nitty-gritty of what those are? Maybe yes, maybe no.

There is a bevy of research out there explaining best teaching practices for struggling readers, some of it brief and very accessible to the layperson, some of it quite lengthy and more challenging to read.

I've divided the research into three categories: Quick Reads, Medium Reads, and Lengthy Reads. If you are a parent with a newly-diagnosed child, I recommend you begin with the Quick Reads. If you are a teacher or reading researcher, skip ahead to the Lengthy Reads.

Nearly all the articles are downloadable.